Monday, June 4, 2007

Keeping Busy

Im planning on going to a huge gem and rock expo this Saturday. I have been saving money for it for a month now. I went a couple years ago, with no money to spend and it just broke my heart, so this time I knew I had to be prepared. I really want to use a lot more stone beads with my chain, and this should be a good opportunity to do so. Im so excited for this show that Ive already started a countdown. I cant wait to show off my loot.

Ive been busy this last week and weekend doing tons of orders and trades.

This is a stainless steel cuff done in a European 6 in 1 pattern. Made really wide by the customer's request. The rings are all 3/64" thick wire and 3/16" wide. This baby is going to be super hard to part with now. Its so smooth and silky. Im definately making myself a set soon.

The one is part of my handflower and aklet set. A guy bought it for his girlfriend. I was so happy to hear that it is going to be a gift, I had to get it done quick for him. The green is actually a lot more emerald in color and dark olive. The set is made with bright aluminum and beads in a Japanese 6 in 1 pattern. All the bead segments were made by me. The rings are 3/64" thick wire and 3/16" wide.

And I finally got around to finishing up a dice bag, or whatever pouch. Its made from stainless steel rings. About 5.5" X 3.5". Rings are 1/16" thick wire and 5/16" wide. Closes with a drawstring.

This is another newer piece for me too. Its a solid stainless European 4 in 1 handflower. This one feels great to wear and is a lot heavier that my other handflowers. The rings are 1/16" thick wire and 3/16" wide.

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Joy said...

Welcome to blog land! Looks great babe~