Thursday, January 10, 2008

Ive been a bad blogger. :) No post in awhile, since my personal life has been all over the place in the last couple months. Thing are definately settling down now, and Im working on one of my goals for the new year to work on a lot more pieces.

Here are just a couple of bracelets that I had started and now finished and posted for sale on Etsy. Nothing too grand, but baby-steps, the bigger pieces I want to work on will be coming soon.

A japanese weave in a wavey pattern. Im liking how this one came out. A matching necklace will sone too. Made from bright aluminum rings that I made myself.

Just a simple tiny byzantine weave. I make this in a necklace and just threw together this bracelet too. Made from bright aluminum as well.

Another goal I had for 2008 was to be more active in pursing modeling. Ive recently found an amazing photographer so Im hoping for some great pictures of me in some of my larger pieces soon.

I'll try to be better with posting more, I promise. :)

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Joy said...

LOVE that Japanese pattern! It's very feminine and lacy. :)